Now your home can look they way you want with Get Stippled Utratex Textured Coatings!

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Patching, smoothing or finishing difficult substrates is easy with Ultratex Get Stippled.

Our Coarse Patch product is a water-based, acrylic, patching compound made especially for patching larger imperfections in off form concrete, blue board or similar.

To achieve a flat surface it should be overcoated with Smooth Patch, perfect for
patching holes, joints and minor imperfections. Smooth Patch can be used both inside and out and is easily sanded if required

For maximum longevity, value and style use our Primers first.

A Primer/Sealer needs to be used before the application of any texture material to ensure reduced porisity, therefore allowing more ‘open time’. The purpose of Primer/Sealer is to soak into the substrate and seal the surface.

Interior Stipple has been the best quality, most economical, interior texture material since 1985. The only changes made to this winning formula have been made to keep in line with technological advances. It is completely asbestos free and is not “thick paint” nor is it “plaster”.

It is a very white, very easy to apply, ground-marble based product which can be tinted to any white-based colour.

Our Exterior Stipple has been manufactured using the latest in polymer resins. Formulated to provide a unique acrylic coating, slightly flexible, long-lasting, water-resistant texture for the outside walls and balcony soffits(eaves).
Exterior Stipple is white which can be tinted to any white based colour.

Pro X Renders are pre-blended Polymer modified cement renders, manufactured to exacting specifications from high quality materials. These renders are suitable for machine application or hawk and trowel hand application.

Trowel is a decorative & protective texture suitable for full exterior applications. It is applied in a swirl or vertical scratch pattern.

Polymer Render and Sandcote are an acrylic based scrub fine/coarse render suitable for providing a fine or coarse sand finish over cement render or blue board/green board etc.

Moroccan texture is a ready mixed, pre-coloured acrylic coating ideal for covering and decorating most brick work. Moroccan can be worked to a number of traditional yet highly fashionable finishes, such as ‘bagged’ or Mediterranean style.

Aqua Bond bonding agent is great for unsound substrates. Also used in render for extra bond when rendering blue board or concrete.

Supaflex, Protect Satin and Membrane are 100% acrylic heavy duty durable coating, providing long term external protection for all masonry surfaces.
Pro-Tect can also be applied as a final finish over all Get Stippled texture coatings or where a hard wearing cleanable finish is required.

Spray On (Fine/Med/Coarse) is an exterior spray finish suitable for all applications. Over render, blue board, cement sheets and off form concrete Get Stippled Spray On covers substrate imperfections with minimum preparation.

Use Render Paint and Ultrafine for a true rendered look to almost any surface such as concrete, brick, green board, blue board and gyprock. Textured render products save time and are great value for money as they are quickly and easily applied with a sheepskin roller.

For a bolder finish Tuscan Sand product will give you a very coarse render look. Ideal for mud plaster or Mediteranian style looks.


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